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Your slaves have feelings, they have a voice. And now, because they really have absolutely nothing better to do with their time, they have a blog.
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Economy 101

I got sent to the Auction House to buy some bonecrafting ingredients for my master. We both live in Windurst, so there's really no reason why she can't go buy this stuff herself. Sometimes she thinks I might be hiding a demon horn in my Mog Safe that she forgot about. Once she makes me show her that I'm in possession of no such thing, she sends me off to the Auction House to buy stuff because that way the amount of gil on her own person doesn't change.

Apparently, a lot of gilbuyers were also leveling bonecrafting. The price for her ingredients had tripled. Lazy gilbuyers who have enough ill-gotten cash just pay the extortion fees, so I was going to have to tell my boss to suck it up and go farming.

As a means of putting that off, and perhaps making some quick cash of my own, I decided to play a round of "Bid 1 gil and see who doesn't understand auctions."

You pay 1 gil for the Haubergeon +1.

Wait for it.


Blast off.

There's a part of me that says, he's learned his lesson, there's no need to torture him more. This part of me gets beaten bloody with an ash staff on a regular basis.

Reeree>> "«Thank you» for the «sweets» «Haubergeon» +1, AuctionStudent."

He was going to see my name on the price history eventually anyway.

AuctionStudent>> "You stole my Haubergeon! I want it back!"
Reeree>> "I bought your Haubergeon. It's mine now. I might just level to 59 warrior so I can wear it."
AuctionStudent>> "You only paid 1 gil!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Reeree>> "I know, isn't that awesome? I could sell it for 2 gils and make 100% profit on my investment."
AuctionStudent>> "Give it back!"
Reeree>> "I think I can sell it for more than 2, though. I bet it's worth a lot."
AuctionStudent>> "OMFG You can't buy my Haubergeon +1 for 1 gil! GIVE IT BACK!"
Reeree>> "«Um...» I just did. Apparently, that's all you thought it was worth."
Reeree>> "Not very smart of you, putting it up for sale at the Auction House for 1 gil if you didn't want someone to buy it for that price. I did you a favor, and bid what you asked."
AuctionStudent>> "I'm gonna get you banned."
Reeree>> "Call a GM, then"
Reeree>> " Let me know how that works out for you."
Reeree>> "Try not to spend your 1 gil in one place."

He must have done so, because almost instantly this GM is standing there next to us. (I had found him on the map so I could /point and /laugh to show how sincerely grateful I was for his generosity, plus I wanted to show off this bitching armor I had on sale in my bazaar). I tried to take screen shots but my boss had the PS2's file limit capped with snapshots of herself and her boyfriend riding the manaclipper. Such a wasted opportunity.

I don't know how their conversation went, but they were standing there quietly sending /tells to one another and suddenly AuctionStudent warps away. I did a search for him and he was off in some place called Uleguerand Range.

Anybody want to buy a Haubergeon +1?

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