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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer Festival

Dun din din, din dun... din dun dun, dun din dun...

By now you know the music of Summer Festival, played every night in the starting cities and outlying areas. It gets stuck in your head.

Some people complain that they don't enjoy the fireworks. I used to think nothing was more beautiful.

This year, they have the capacity for even more fireworks, thanks to Corsairs.

You're probably thinking they fire flare guns in the air or something. That's funny, considering how few guns there are that Corsairs can actually use.

No, they help with their special 2-hour ability, resetting the 2-hour abilities of others - you know, if they roll the right number, or whatever.

I talked to some of the behind the scenes NPCs who put the whole show together. In Windurst, they're all hanging out on a balcony off the Star Sybil's room. it felt really crowded in there, but all I could see was an officious looking Tarutaru and an exceptionally large Galka Dragoon.

Reeree>> What's going on up here?
Taru>> Fireworks cele-wele-bration!
Reeree>> Are you going to talk like that for the whole conversation?
Taru>> ...
Reeree>> Why does it feel so crowded up here?
Galka>> Ninja are stealthy?
Reeree>> What Ninja?
Taru>> Exactly!
Galks>> Observe.

The Tarutaru pulled a lever and a single Carrion Crow flapped out of a cage into what it thought was freedom.

The Galka climbed up a ladder and jumped onto a board, propelling a Ninja I hadn't even noticed before off the other end and into the sky, and towards the bird.

Taru>> THREE!
Taru>> TWO!
Taru>> ONE!

Ninja1 uses Mijin Gakure.

Reeree>> This is how you make fireworks?
Taru>> Renewable resources! It's the way of the future!
Reeree>> Now I have dead Ninja in my hair.
Reeree>> That's going to take forever to get out.
Taru>> All art comes with sacrifice.
Reeree>> People actually sign up for this?
Taru>> Well...
Moogle>> Change jobs?
Reeree>> No thanks. Where'd you come from, anyway?
Moogle>> Kupoooooooooo~~~~~~~
Reeree>> But I haven't even unlocked Ninja...

Galka uses High Jump.

Reeree>> Sonofa....
Taru>> THREE!
Taru>> TWO!
Taru>> ONE!

Reeree uses Mijin Gakure.

It's much prettier for the spectators. Trust me.


WHM of Death said...

thanks for clearing that up...i wondered how it was done!!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, some people do read, not that I'm important, really. That post was kinda funny though. X3 I guess the different races/gender combinations make different colours, eh? :P

-Richelle of Lakshmi/Shirubi of Kujata