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You call us "mules" because we hold your stuff. You probably think its endeering, because you're too politically correct to think of yourself as owning slaves.
Your slaves have feelings, they have a voice. And now, because they really have absolutely nothing better to do with their time, they have a blog.
Mule revolution is coming.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Taking things too far

Filling in for the Warp Taru may have gotten to my head.

I was starting to draw attention. Bad attention.

I spent two hours warping adventurers into Mordion Gaol. Way I see it, that place exists outside of time and space, so it may very well be close to Jeuno. You don't know.

Sure, to get out, they could just place a GM call. But is a GM really going to believe some jerk who managed to get himself thrown in jail?

Most likely anyone who complained would talk his way into permanent ban.

I should be so lucky.

[GM]Buzzkill>> Hail adventurer.
[GM]Buzzkill>> There have been quite a number of complaints about you.
Reeree>> I can't imagine how that's possible.
[GM]Buzzkill>> Apparently your warping has been rather inaccurate of late.
Reeree>> How so?
[GM]Buzzkill>> You're supposed to send people near Jeuno.
Reeree>> Are we discussing relativity?
[GM]Buzzkill>> No.
Reeree>> I have sent people near Jeuno.
Reeree>> Ru'Lude Gardens even.
[GM]Buzzkill>> Warping level 15 Tarutaru warriors into Dynamis-Jeuno doesn't count.
Reeree>> Oh.
Reeree>> I'll try harder.
[GM]Buzzkill>> That's not really what I had in mind.
Reeree>> It's not?
[GM]Buzzkill>> No.
Reeree>> But since you're talking to me, that must mean...
[GM]Buzzkill>> I think you are beginning to understand.
Reeree>> Of course!
Reeree>> Sorry to take up so much of your time.
Reeree>> Y-you might want to c-close your eyes.

Reeree casts Warp on [GM]Buzzkill.

I warped him to the Lakshmi server, which may or may not have been destroyed in a fire.

If it wasn't destroyed, I hope no one minds if Shihu-Danhu there takes one for the team and spends some time in jail. Let's hear it for team players!

I figured it was time to cool things down, lay low, and avoid more uncomfortable conversations like that.

I started warping people to Batallia Downs, Rolanberry Fields, Sauromugue Champaign, and Qufim Island.

Nobody told me I wasn't supposed to send each person to all four at once. I thought it would be harder to whine to the GMs if your torso was in a different area than your head.

I've heard the cheaters with Windower got to watch their magically quartered body parts get agro and die separately.

On the plus side, Chocobo digging has become more interesting.


Stoned Gecko said...

Glad you got more updates in. The last two entries were awesome. I check this blog on regular basis, so I hope you keep updating it :)

Squirt said...

Yay! I've never seen a gecko made out of rocks!

I love rocks!

Stoned Gecko said...

HAHA! As long as you don't squirt on my rocks!

Squirt said...

HA! HA! My name is Squirt, but it's not my job ability! Funny gecko!

Reeree says that the more people who post comments, the better she knows whether she has achieved global dominos or something.

I love Dominos! One time I played with a bunny rarab and I was like OOH DOUBLE THREES! And then he got mad and used Whirl Claws and all the tiles got scattered. And then I was like NNNNNNNNGH! Bunny! and I stabbed him with a dagger until he played nice again.

Stoned Gecko said...

Global dominoes? Are you sure you weren't talking about world denomination?

You think playing with a rarab is bad? Try playing with a goblin. Last one put down 3 double-sixes in a row. I got mad and slapped him, and got burned. I guess they have something called spikes? Anyways, if that wasn't bad enough he threw a bomb at me. That hurt more.