My Life as a Mule

You call us "mules" because we hold your stuff. You probably think its endeering, because you're too politically correct to think of yourself as owning slaves.
Your slaves have feelings, they have a voice. And now, because they really have absolutely nothing better to do with their time, they have a blog.
Mule revolution is coming.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Still a MULE, people!

OutoffTouchWithRealityKupoNut >> why so blue
OutoffTouchWithRealityKupoNut >> for i have a gift for you
OutoffTouchWithRealityKupoNut >> trade me to see

Now I've missed out on a present from some insane person because he can't tell the difference between a mule and a normal adventurer.

In the future, I demand that all presents be sent to via Moogle. Thank you.

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