My Life as a Mule

You call us "mules" because we hold your stuff. You probably think its endeering, because you're too politically correct to think of yourself as owning slaves.
Your slaves have feelings, they have a voice. And now, because they really have absolutely nothing better to do with their time, they have a blog.
Mule revolution is coming.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Durrr... I'm a MULE! HELLO?

Omg, some people!!!

My job is to sit in Bastok and look pretty so people buy stuff from my bazaar. Let me tell you what this means: I sit in Bastok and LOOK PRETTY. I do not go out and get xp. I have been outside the city twice. Once was an accident.

SomeRandomKupoNut >> hay want to party? u r hawt.

SomeOtherRandomKupoNut >> wanna go out and get some xp?

I come back from a long session of reading Diana Clarke to see this garbage. NO I DON'T WANT TO PARTY! I'm a level 1 Thief (that should tell you something RIGHT THERE)! I have a bazaar with 20 items up for sale. Do I LOOK LIKE AN ADVENTURER TO YOU?

DON'T send me blind invites. In fact, don't send me invites at all! I'm sitting in front of a fountain selling stuff. I'm not going with you. I go from my Mog House to the Delivery Galka to the Auction House. That's it. Sometimes, I go to Port Bastok for more supplies. I'm wearing a bathing suit because it takes up less space and I have whatever knife Master was last crafting. Seriously, what part of my equipment - no, wait, you were just looking at my BOOBIES.

AnotherRandomKupoNut >> How do I set a Linkshell message?

Ok, this one was just bizarre. I'm a BAZAAR mule. I'm not even a sackholder, why... why would you send this tell to ANYONE?

/? /lsmes for cryin' out loud. You are SO STUPID. How do you remember to breathe???

Remember when I said I was only wearing a bathing suit and had 20 items up for sale? How, how, HOW can I ever explain THIS /tell?

TotallyMentallyDeficientKupoNut >> Can I buy your stuff?

I just stared at that for a long time. Then I got up and walked slowly to my Mog House and went to sleep. You people are the adventurers... you figure that one out.

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