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Monday, April 30, 2007

Man's Inhumanity to Man... well, Gilsellers.

It is a great grief to me to see people justifying cruel and foolish behavior by saying "Well, I'm stealing from gilsellers!"

Mostly because most people think that anyone who has anything to do with gilsellers is probably a gilbuyer.  It's one thing to MPK them, no one minds that.  That's just a natural consequence of their own stupidity.  It works equally well on gilbuyers and gilsellers.

Realplayer: Hey, stop stealing my xp mobs!
Gilseller: Kekekekeke!
Realplayer runs a train past the voke bots.  Gilsellers die.

That's only to be expected.

Here's where the line gets fuzzy:

Suspectedgilbuyer: Hey I'm going up to sky late at night when no one else from the LS is around and I'm gonna steal stuff from gilsellers by saying I'm going to pay them lots of gil and then not trading it!

Or possibly this is just a blind to cover up your gilbuying activities.  Either way, you just admitted to being a thief.  So you're stealing from gilsellers.  That's great!  Now they'll have to make up more gil to cover up that loss - that is, if you really did steal from them.  And you aren't just making up an elaborate story to cover up a massive gilbuying spree.

So you have screenshots of you getting items and being harassed for non-payment.  From people we all know will do ANYTHING for money.  So the occasional gilseller shows up and /shouts about how much they hate you.  It could be real, but it seems to be just part of the Expanded Service Package.

But on the other hand, the gilsellers DO appear everywhere you go now, leading your LS to extreme annoyance.  Which has one benefit: If you call a GM and say:

LSLeader: We are about to do a Kirin but there are gilsellers in the room and they are threatening us.


And now you get a guardian angel to save YOU from cheating gilsellers that YOU cheated out of millions.  Because, well, let's be honest.  Nobody really likes gilsellers.  It's not fair, two wrongs don't make a right, blah blah blah.  But the gilseller hating GM was pretty cool.  So while two wrongs do not make a right, they do cause a GM to take an active (and visible) interest in your activities.

*Names have been changed to protect the ... innocent.  Yes, the poor sweet innocent level 7 [snip] Mage with the Judge's Sword.

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