My Life as a Mule

You call us "mules" because we hold your stuff. You probably think its endeering, because you're too politically correct to think of yourself as owning slaves.
Your slaves have feelings, they have a voice. And now, because they really have absolutely nothing better to do with their time, they have a blog.
Mule revolution is coming.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some Damned Expensive Rocks

So Moogle went gambling, and came home with these two really dark rocks.

"It's ore, kupo! It's really valuable!"

"That's great Moogle, now... WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?"

After some argument, Moogle convinced me to send the rocks to be sold in Jeuno, and that the value of the rocks would convince me to not be angry.

So I sent the rocks to Butcherboy, and he asks, "Do you want me to try having them made into beads first or should I sell them as they are?"

I told him I had no idea what he was talking about.  Who would make rocks into beads, and why would I want beads over rocks?

"Well, you see," Butcherboy explained, "it's not actually a black rock, it's a chunk of dark ore.  Filled with dark elemental energy, extremely valuable, and used to make dark beads for use in elemental staves and jewelry."


"So I could take the risk and --"


Once Butcherboy stopped using horrible workds like "risk" and "possible loss through crafting" we agreed to sell the rocks - I mean ores - as they were.

"How long will it be before I can collect my sweet profits?" I asked.

"Oh, you know goldsmiths," said Butcherboy, "they'll probably be sold by the time I get back to my mog house."

"Hah hah... you are joking right?"

"Nope," said Butcherboy with a grin, "they've sold, I'll run back out and send this gil to you so you can go ... do whatever it is you do with all that gil."


Who pays this much for rocks?  Seriously?  Why would... who would...

I made a huge pile of my gil and sat on it.  Then I fell asleep and had weird dreams about gil falling from the sky and growing from my flowerpots.  When I woke up, Moogle was gone.  He left a note this time, "GONE GAMBLING, WILL COME BACK WITH MORE ORES OR NOT AT ALL."

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